Violence in south african schools pdf

Violence in south african schools pdf
(v) ABSTRACT There is a growing and widespread problem of violence in South African schools which ultimately results in problems of governance and management.
South African schools is reflected in the crisis in South African society. Endemic crime and Endemic crime and violence in South African society have spilled over into the schools.
Violence and injuries are the second leading cause of death and lost disability-adjusted life years in South Africa. The overall injury death rate of 157·8 per 100 000 population is nearly twice the global average, and the rate of homicide of women by intimate partners is six times the global average.
While girls in South Africa had better access to schools than those in other African countries, that was often denied to them as a result of the gender-based violence many experienced at schools

Gangsterism as a Cause of Violence in South African Schools: The Case of Six Provinces Vusi Mncube1 and Nomanesi Madikizela-Madiya2 University of South Africa
Sexual violence by educators against learners in South African schools is a serious human rights issue that is widespread and well known. 1 In a 2001 report, Human Rights Watch found that sexual violence against girls “permeates the whole of the South African education system.” 2 It
the high rate of rape and other forms of sexual violence in South africa has sparked concern and outrage, leading to law reform, parliamentary debates, marches and campaigns. it has also led to a range of policy interventions intended to reduce the number of people who fall victim to these crimes. this policy brief summarises available information about the nature and extent of sexual violence
teacher (Reuters, 2002), and in South Africa, jackrolling (gang rape) is a particularly horrific form of violence against young women. Some attacks are directed at schoolchildren and some take place on
School violence is a severe problem in South African schools and this scourge needs to be addressed. Role-players, inter alia , are informed in the media about the problem,
SGBs were formed in all South African public schools to oversee the administration of the schools, but they are often sidelined due to the lack of formal education and training of members, especially in the area of finance and general administration of the school.
The Impact of Learner Violence in Rural South African Schools G. D. Singh 1 and Trudie S teyn 2* 1 Empangeni, KwaZulu-Natal 2University of South Africa, Department of …
ABSTRACT. We sought to investigate the nature, causes and effects of school violence in four South African high schools. A purposive sample of five principals, 80 learners and 20 educators was selected from the four schools used in the study.

Exploring safety in township secondary schools in the Free

Investigating domestic violence against women in South Africa

Schools with clear missions and strong stances against violence have lower rates of bullying. 32 However, many South African schools are in disarray, 33 and over 50% of children report that corporal punishment is used for discipline, despite its being prohibited. 9 This is incongruous with promoting non-violence and pro-social behaviours, and school-based violence prevention programmes and
Gender Based Violence in South African Schools Felicia Wilson Education is the single most vital element in combating poverty, empowering women, protecting children from hazardous and exploitative labor and sexual exploitation, promoting human rights and democracy, protecting the environment and influencing population growth. Education is a path towards international peace and security. Kofi
After 1994 several pieces of legislation were passed in South Africa to ensure equity in education and equal opportunities for all learners. Some shocking reports have indicated that sexual harassment of girls is a serious problem in many of our schools.
Gender-based violence – physical, psychological, sexual, economic, socio-cultural – is a conspicuous and widespread violation of human rights in South Africa. This violence pervades the political, economic and social structures of society and is driven by strongly patriarchal social norms and complex and intersectional power inequalities, including gender, race, class and sexuality. The
In his study of school violence in South African schools, Burton (2008) found that about 1.8 million of all pupils between Grade 3 and Grade 12 (15.3%) had experienced violence in one form or another.
school violence in south africa The CJCP’s National School Violence Study involved 12,794 learners from primary and secondary schools, 264 school principals and 521 educators. The study shows that 15.3% of children at primary and secondary schools have experienced some form of violence while at school, most commonly threats of violence, assaults and robbery.

Sexual harassment and violence in South African schools Sakkie Prinsloo After1994 several pieces of legislation were passed in South Africa to ensure equity in edu-cation and equal opportunities for all learners. Some shocking reports have indicated that sexual harassment of girls is a serious problem in many of our schools. These girls are denied equal opportuniti es
The rate of sexual violence in South Africa is among the highest in the world. Sexual violence is the use of force or manipulation to get someone to engage in unwanted sexual activity without their consent. During 2015/16, there were 51,895 crimes of a sexual nature reported to the South African …
Background Violencebyyoungpeopleisoneofthemostvisible forms of violence in society. Around the world, newspapersandthebroadcastmediareportdailyon
school violence, such as the report compiled for the Council of Europe on school violence by Vettenburg (1999), were also conducted. In April 2001, a symposium was …
The study, which was conducted in six provinces of South Africa, explored the perceptions and experiences of school stakeholders of school violence, the nature of violence that takes place in South African schools and measures and initiatives taken by schools to promote a violence-free environment. Even though not all schools are violent, the findings suggest that violence is a serious …
creating health promoting schools in South Africa deserves attention. In order to unravel the phenomenon of violence in schools, a qualitative method of research was used, with data being collected by means of focus-group
Violence in South African schools is rampant and has been so for a while. As far back as 1999, Kader Asmal, the former As far back as 1999, Kader Asmal, the former Minister of Education, strongly condemned the unacceptably high levels of violence and directed that schools must be
school-based crime or violence prevention initiatives, each adopting its own unique approaches and strategies to address different kinds of problems being faced by South African schools.

Withthe ‘schools as the centre of community life’ approach, school-based violence is understood as a multi-faceted social phenomenon in which community support and responsibility for schools become key to curbing violence.
South African Schools Act of 19963 but it is still practised. It is a legal requirement 4 for cases of violence against school children to be reported to law enforcement officials, but news of horrific incidences in schools continues to grab headlines.
The 138-page report, “Scared at School: Sexual Violence Against Girls in South African Schools,” is based on extensive interviews with victims, their parents, teachers, and school administrators
In South Africa, eradicating the scourge of Gender Based Violence (GBV) in schools and against vulnerable children and youth is an essential step on this path. IPM, with the support of SDIA, addresses GBV – rape, sexual and domestic violence – in South Africa
The initial results show that by the time South African children are 15-17 years old, many of them had already experienced sexual, physical or emotional abuse, neglect, or had been exposed to high levels of family and community violence.
Other spheres of South African life where violence has been noted as alarmingly regular or disturbing are vigilante violence, 7 schools, 8 prisons 9 and families. 10 Alongside the overt physical violence is the disturbing continuity of structural violence.

South Africa Sexual Violence Rampant in Schools Human

South African Journal of Education, Volume 36, Number 2, May 2016 1 Art. # 1231, 12 pages, doi: 10.15700/saje.v36n2a1231 The Cape Times’s portrayal of school violence
Violence cuts short the lives of millions of people across the world each year, and damages the lives of millions more. It knows no boundaries of geography, race, age or income. It strikes at children, young people, women and the elderly. It finds its way into homes, schools and the workplace. Men and women everywhere have the right to live their lives and raise their children free from the
Schools have been provided with a Guide to Drug Testing in South African Schools. In terms of the Regulations for Safety Measures at all Public Schools the Minister has declared all public schools as drug free and dangerous weapon free zones.
Multiple incidents of violence in South African schools have elevated the issue to being a national concern. The aim of this article is to report on an investigation into the perception of school

(PDF) Causes of School-Based Violence in South African

evident in South African society is that violence is a serious worry in both primary and secondary schools 1 , across age, gender, race and school categories. Importantly, not only are children, but also
1.2 Domestic violence in South Africa In South Africa, violence against women has reached alarming proportions and policy- makers have to take it seriously, as women’s lives are at risk.
Durban – One in five South African secondary school pupils is a victim of violence, including assault, robbery and even cyber bullying. A new study has found that schools are not the safe havens
Human Rights Watch (2001): Scared at school: sexual violence in South African Schools Gender violence in schools Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE): Gender Task Team: Preventing and responding to gender based violence in and through education [PDF 85.22KB]
The Mail & Guardian Online is South Africa’s oldest quality news source on the web and Africa’s first online newspaper.
In South Africa and Zambia, researchers documented a pattern in which schools dismissed girls’ reports of sexual violence and harassment and failed to respond with any seriousness. Similar
Incidences of violence in South African schools • In two very recent national studies of violence and schooling, the problem of school violence emerged as among the most key challenges facing the South
South Africa in particular, political violence in education has a unique legacy. It is the It is the outcome of a powerful and vocal student movement which resulted in schools becoming
South Africa’s schools, including addressing bullying or other forms of violence at schools. The The final report (report 6) outlines 10 other types of initiatives, targeted at parents as well as
author of The Theatre of Violence, Detention and Torture in South Africa, and Social Psychology in South Africa , among over a hundred other publications …

The Rights and Responsibilities of Educators to Protect

Gender violence in schools in the developing world

How safe are South African schools? I.J. Prinsloo Department of Education M anagement and P olicy Studies, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, 0002 South Africa ijpri After 199 4, S outh Afr ica p asse d se vera l piece s of le gislatio n pr otec ting th e righ ts an d sa fety of learne rs in South A frican sch ools . Th ese A cts are all (to a l arger or smalle r extent
research on the topic in South Africa and within an international and South African schooling context; and the need for data on the prevalence of WPB in South African schools. South Africa is facing an education crisis and motivated and dedicated teachers are a
ities and violence are considered to be twin epidemics in South African schools, with widespread reports of violence against girls (Wolpe et al., 1997). In the context of the feminization of HIV and AIDS and the calamitous effects of the disease in South Africa, addressing gender inequalities and violence remain a critical concern. In KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa, the setting for
PARENTAL PARTICIPATION AND MEANINGFUL ACCESS IN SOUTH AFRICAN SCHOOLS CREATE SOUTH AFRICA POLICY BRIEF 4 MAY 2011 PARENTAL PARTICIPATION AND MEANINGFUL ACCESS This policy brief analyses parental involvement in their children’s education in two districts of the Eastern Cape and Gauteng provinces of South Africa. The research explores the relationships …


Report of the Public Hearing on School-based Violence

3 SUMMARY The focus of this thesis falls on school violence. The research addresses the possibility that a culture of violence exists amongst some South African
sexual harassment, to rape and killing (Review on African school violence, 2009). The reasons and influences for such practices may relate to many factors; some blame the mass media, particularly films and videogames (Wharton, 2005).
the dynamics of violence in South African schools. 4. To make recommendations on the possible contributions of an Africentric perspective towards violence prevention efforts in South African schools. Research questions 1. What is the relationship between an …
CONTEXT OF SCHOOL VIOLENCE IN SOUTH AFRICA Violence was used as a tool of oppression during apartheid, but also as a tool of resistance; and the …
VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN IN AFRICA: A SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS . Table of Contents Background Methodology South Africa Sudan . Swaziland Tanzania Togo Tunisia Uganda Zambia Zimbabwe . Background Violence against women is perhaps the most widespread and socially tolerated of human rights violations, cutting across borders, race, class, ethnicity and religion. The impact of gender-based violence
reported serious incidents of school violence in South African schools. According to Burton (2008), 15.3% of all learners between Grades 3 and 12 have experienced violence in some form while attending school. This translates to 1,821,054 learners countrywide. Burton (2008) furthermore states that South African learners are victimised at a rate of 160 learners per 1000; a figure that is
Opening Our Eyes: Addressing Gender-Based Violence in South African Schools – A Manual for Educators Published by the Canada-South Africa Education Management Programme
In South Africa, school-based violence is multi-dimensional and takes on various forms. How it manifests itself often depends on the context in which it arises, such as whether the violence is perpetrated by learners against fellow learners, by educators against learners,
South Africa’s shadow minister of police Dianne Kohler-arnard said that upon reflection, she wasn’t surprised at the findings. The recent murder of people in broad daylight by police officers was an indication of the nature of the


School Violence. One in five South African secondary school pupils is a victim of violence, including assault, robbery and even . cyber‐bullying. ‐ The Centre for Justice & Crime Prevention. 1. Introduction We have become so desensitised to violence that we no longer utter an outcry when we read about the latest violent incidents in our schools. In many areas it is common for learners to
School Violence in South Africa: Results of the 2012 National School Violence Studyby Patrick Burton and Lezanne Leoschut is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 …
The article uses the normalisation theory to understand, through the analysis of educators’ perspectives, how school-based violence could be curbed in South African public schools.
subjected to marginalisation and discrimination in South African schools. Vulnerable groups include learners who are subjected to xenophobic attacks, gay and lesbian learners, victims of bullying and minority groups in schools who are discriminated against on grounds such as race, ethnic origin, social origin or religious grounds.24 Learners from these groups are often the victims of
In South Africa, a recent national survey found that 8% of secondary girls had experienced severe sexual assault or rape in the previous year while at school (Burton and Leoschut, 2013).
GANG-RELATED VIOLENCE IN SOUTH AFRICAN SCHOOLS 205 conflicts have a greater likelihood of escalating and becoming highly violent or even deadly. Incidents of school stabbings are commonly re-
The South African Police Service failed to respond to Daily Maverick’s enquiries regarding crime and violence in schools, but the Centre for Justice and Crime Prevention carried out an extensive

Rates of violence in South Africa are disturbingly high, constituting one of the most significant public mental health challenges in South Africa. Township (high) schools are especially prone to violence …
Gender-Based Violence in South African Schools (a video documentary), Fire + Hope (a video documentary on HIV and AIDS), and A Handbook on Girls’ Education (CIDA). She has a particular interest in participatory visual methodologies for working with young people Iwani Mothobi-Tapela, a Zimbabwean, is an independent consultant, a social worker, and a researcher who uses participatory
punishment is a form of violence which in some South African schools demonstrates, inter alia, authoritarianism (Harber, 2004; Harber & Mncube, 2011). In a study on causes of youth violence in South Africa, Burton (2008)

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